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As we‘re getting ready for @uci_cyclocross worldcup #tabor in beautiful autumn sunshine I have a little bit of news to announce...
Can‘t believe that this will be the last time I‘ll line up to a race in my iconic @ekzenergie jersey from @wamsactivewear
stay tuned for more on this channel, first #allin #loveCX

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European Championships Silvelle

with lots of rain on friday and lots of riders on the course the start-finish straight was pretty much the only part of the course that was rideable during our training. the organisers did a good job with moving some of the course into „new“ grass, as did the sun, drying the mud into sticky glue. wherevthey didn‘t do such a great job was the washing area in the pits, where 5 minutes before the first race the teams were finally allowed to bring their own equipment(pressure cleaners and generators).
with the limited amount of training time on the course and the quickly changing conditions(mud drying more and more) it was a gamble for tire threads, where to change bikes and how often, which parts are faster with riding or running. good amount of question marks to have at the start line🙈
i had a medium start but didn‘t panic and tried to see what the riders in the front do in certain parts of the course while i was stuck in traffic jam here and there. that way i could handle the course after the first lap and switch to a less aggressive tire thread(more slippery but picks up a lot less mud and has less rolling resistance). behind the first 15 riders there was a gap pretty soon and with half the race done i battled with @stevechainel for 17th, but had to let him go with 2,5 laps to go and that was also where i ended up: 18th spot.
i‘m happy with my race,with the way i handled the special preparation and the way i battled the course that would have been really cool for me when dry, but also in this day and age i‘m not one for the muddy tracks...
has to be mentioned that all the mechanics did one hell of a job, risking friendships for a place to clean a bike lap after lap. nice that they have the same mentality as we do: after the finish line we‘re all friends again! you guys are legends and this sport would not be possible without all of you!!!
thanks to @swisscyclingteam for the great support in italy, and to the tifosi who made a great athmosphere along the course for all the athletes!
#loveCX 📸 @lizziehaumesser

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somewhere over the rainbow...
3 months to go!!!

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what a weekend!!!
what a course!!!
what a sport!!! on this heavy course it was really important to keep the flow even if from time to time you make little mistakes here and there. my flow took half a lap to appear, bit then i could gain some places and move up towards a bigger group that was fighting for the last top20 spots. but i faded a little after mid-race and lost the group. in the last 2 laps i found a little bit of power and smoothness again and catched a few riders, that meant 27th spot in the end.
last year i was far from riding and fighting like that in worldcups, so i‘m definitely very okay with the outcome. moving up in the uci rankings week after week is another good thing for confidence and motivation, to live the life of a professional athlete 24/7 to prepare for the really big and unique events that are still in front of us this season.
from the bottom of my heart i‘d like to thank @ekzcrosstour for this massively awesome worldcup event, @swisscyclingteam for supporting us during the week and on raceday, my own team for shouting, crossing fingers, cleaning bikes and being there whenever i need them!
to everyone else who was there: thanks for the shouting, too! standing on that startline, looking towards all of you folks: goosebumps!!!

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EKZ CrossTour Aigle

What a race yesterday, took some risk going into the first corner to make the most of my 2nd row start position to be in touch with the leaders through the first lap. then unfortunately got stuck behind @felipeorts who had a flat front wheel and while the race was fast in the front, i was busy with catching back up to someone. in the middle part of the race i was riding in a group for 10.-13. spot but we could still see what was happening in front of us, and with that focus on what‘s in front of us i rode in front of our group more often, got away solo because the mistakes happened behind me, catched @antoinebenoist_ and could beat him with a strong last lap to get 9th place...
these last 40 minutes of the race felt bloody great, one of my favourite courses, kids screaming everywhere, guns n‘ roses song playing over the speakers at the end of the race, what more could i ask for really?
maybe some water left in my personal shower (thanks @cedericstahli for helping out) and no torrential rain while unloading the mobile home next time😂
another classic and favourite coming up next week #radquersteinmaur
#loveCX 📸 @ekzcrosstour @radsportphotonet

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when dreams come true... with all the latest and greatest tech we get to use as pro athletes, it‘s easy to forget where it all started and why today‘s bikes look and feel the way they do.
you‘re one of the cool guys if you ride 1x12 setups today, so why not getting a 12 speed race bike from more than 40 years ago.
while i‘ve been told that i‘m old quite often recently this bike is even older, it‘s the heaviest road bike i‘ve ever owned, there’s NO carbon to find anywhere but i can‘t stop drooling over all the beautiful details...after i‘ve got myself a brooklyn jersey a few years ago i now have the matching teambike!
i‘m lost for words, endlessly grateful that i got the opportunity to get my hands on this beauty and i promise i‘ll never let this one go.
fortunately there‘s bucket list events for this bucket list bike, so i might head to italy somewhen in the future to travel back in time for a day or 2...

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Radcross Illnau

After long months of preparation my cx season finally started yesterday in illnau. Turns out it has not changed, you can train whatever you wan‘t, nothing compares to these race day vibes. Counting down the minutes to the start, waiting for the pain to set in somewhen in the first lap, fighting to stay in the wheels, trying to keep concentration while your heart is going to jump out of your throat...everything is still the same and that‘s a good sign!
I had a good start and managed to stay in the wheel of @antoinebenoist_ while he teared the race apart in the first 10 minutes. then i did a stupid mistake on a steep ascent, foot on the ground, dropped, and did a 5 minute all out effort to catch back to the leading 3 riders. at that point there was no sign of the pace getting any slower. usually when 3 riders get away they cooperate pretty good for a while to secure everyone‘s podium spot...after i‘ve made the connection again the pace lowered slightly and @nicolarohrbach catches us. i tried to keep the little powder i still had dry by just following wheels and concentrating on breathing, drinking and clean lines on the dry bumpy fields. When the next acceleration happened in the middle of lap 6 i exploded on the climb, got dropped and found myself in „no man‘s land“ for the rest of the race. For some time the gap to the leaders was not that big, but at that point you can only ride so fast and after all, you got dropped for a reason...
i was privileged though to have a front row seat to watch the race getting decided. @borybiker was the next to lose contact and @marcelwildhaber held the swiss flag high until the last corners, but the french flag flew a little bit higher this time around.
Just want to say it was great to see everyone again, the best time of the year has officially arrived and we already can‘t wait for the next race!
thanks as always to the killer group of people behind me, to everyone cheering and keeping their fingers „cyclo-crossed“ for us riders!
#loveCX 📸 @anis_mastro_photography

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kind of an old story for some, but 21 years ago a guy told me to try cyclocross...because i was not training all that much, bonking at the end of every mtb race and he said „cx races in your category are over by the time you run out of gas“...long story short i fell in love with this sport, got a few nice results along the way and can still wake up every morning with either 1 or several killer bike rides, a few nice bikes to wrench on or a journey to a cool race on the menu.
with all the great new people i meet while running around living my life i sometimes take for granted those who have been in my corner since the really early days.
awesome that we still share the same passion, today‘s motorpacing session rocked(and hurt☠️)
thanks @scheuri70 for that and for everything else you‘ve done for me!!!
maybe we‘ll get the opportunity to share some of the crazy stories somewhen, and in the meantime we can create a few more😂

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last friday i won @tortour_ultracycling_gravel sprint for the 3rd time. it was the hardest edition, starting with a slightly different parcours that had you ride for 4,5 hours nonstop on flat roads. there was headwind all the time, so you had to fight for every bit of speed.
the biggest challenge was the competition though: first i had a massive drag race with @kropi_m for nearly 4 hours. for the last 150 km i was chased by herbert zahner, who rode one hell of a race and made me dig pretty deep to keep the gap around 20 minutes.
the power numbers are pretty crazy, for example a tss of 764🙈

more memorable though are the things you see and people you meet along the route. friends and total strangers cheering even at remote places, participants wishing each other good luck before the start, all the staff members who put in countless hours to get this event going and are really happy for the athletes when they reach their goals.
everyone talks about this vibe and has a hard time explaining it, because to the „normal world“ we seem to be some crazy group of cyclists riding with lights and block the roads. but the fact that there‘s a big chunk of unknown factors and outcomes between every person and his/her goals, no matter how good the preparation has been, creates that special athmosphere which makes everyone want to come back next year. and the year after, too...
thanks to everyone who helped me get around that 390 km „sprint“-loop, i‘ll never forget it!!! p.s.: i tried to cover some bits of the day on my insta story, if you would like that kind of insights on other races, special training days or whatever, let me know!

let‘s switch to the cx bikes now🤘🤘🤘

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don‘t know if there‘s a rainbow because of the pouring sweat, or hallucinations from too much tubular glue(because everyone knows #cxiscoming 🤘)
aniway these are the last days of long endurance rides to build the base for the hard trainings and lots of races during the winter. this will end next week with a nearly 400 km day a.k.a. @tortour_ultracycling_gravel sprint before it‘s time to ramp up the pace, count the intervals in the hills and hot laps on the cx course
#loveCX #loveschwägalp #lovesummer

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